Harrow County School for Boys

The School Swimming Pool - 1959

(These photographs were sent in by John Clark.  Rod Clarke (gwelfrynL@lineone.net) has high resolution files of these)

 John Clark writes:

The views include several shots showing pupils swimming, diving and playing water polo. My favourite shows Roy Millard (nicknamed Tim if I remember rightly but Heaven knows why), our much admired swimming instructor and Mr Don Kincaid relaxing in the sun at poolside, while eating their packed lunches!

These pictures were almost certainly taken during the summer of 1959, my last term at School.  I was a very keen swimmer myself and spent almost every lunchtime, plus a period at the end of the school day, at the pool.

Can anyone help put names to faces?

The Swimming Pool from the main building.                                  Polo Practise.  Lower right, Wood above him Watson.

Has he decided the top board's too high?                                                More polo practise.  Dick Worsfold right of centre?


Get it, Goalie! The pool was very close to private houses.


As mentioned above, a smashing picture of Mr Don Kincaid and Mr Roy Millard enjoying their lunchtime snack and relaxing in the sunshine. We lads were lucky that members of staff were willing to spend their lunch breaks there, because without supervision, such swimming opportunities would, of course, have been non-existent.


R. C. Anderson (Andy), Captain of Swimming, 1958/59, apparently in the closing stages of a race, doing his splashy backstroke and it looks as if another chap has already finished!


Perfecting his technique!                                                                               
A relay race changeover.



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