Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1944

The results of the examinations held last July are as follows:-

First Class Instructor:  Baylis, K.G.; Fox, J.P.; Loveridge, J.A.

Second Class Instructor:  Camish, D.T.; Pockett, J.; Sindell, K.H.;

Second Bar to Medallion:  Fox, J.P.

First Bar to Medallion:  Backhouse, J.R.; Baylis, K.G.; Camish, D.T.; Loveridge, J.A.M.; Paterson, H.C.; Sindell, K.H.; Walters, C.L.; Welling, E.A.

Bronze Medallion:  Alley, B.W.; Aspinall, D.M.; Ballard, B.W.; Gibbons, R.J.; Klein, A.H.; McGowan, R.A.; Misson, T.W.; Weller, A.F.

Medallion and Certificate:  Smith, A.J.; Smyth, D.G.; Taylor, C.G.

Intermediate Certificate:  Barber, D.L.A.; Bloomfield, R.G.; Brown, W,J.; Bunce, A.; Donaldson, I.D.; Flavell, C.P.; Fox, P.G.; Holdsworth, G.G.; Joynes, B.S.; Phillips, P.M.; Piedot, D.R.; Rees, A.H.S.; Ryalls, P.J.; Sheldon, E.B.; Tomalin, B.H.M.; Tyrrell, L.W.

The Gaytonian had already unfortunately gone to press when the examinations had finished, so that the results are rather late.  Nevertheless, the new season being not far away, a few reminders may be useful.  Intending candidates for next term must be able to swim on the back without using the hands, must be in at least Form III, and must be prepared to practice conscientiously.  Given these conditions, few should be unsuccessful.  There will be openings for a few instructors, according to the candidates available.  A meeting will be held at the beginning of the summer term.


R. T. Attridge


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