Harrow County School for Boys

Under 13 XV Rugby 1972/3
This photograph has been contributed by Leon Loberman.
Identifications by Tom Dennington and Gareth Lloyd Jones.

Back Row (L-R): Jez Newell, Jon Adams and Neil Messider.

Third Row: The recently retired Gareth Lloyd Jones, Ian Tomalin, Arwel Huhes, Steve Banks, Dave Frankel, Steve Hextall  - a clever centre, unobtrusive among the superstars, Fran Lazenby.

Second Row:  Andy Hayes, Rob Mainprize - the blond destroyer, a lunatic in the tackle, Simon Young, Mike Grinsted - who broke BOTH legs on the school ski trip, Huw Davis - who never missed training and was the proudest man in Middx when he made the team.

Front Row: Keith Greatbatch, Ian Abbott, Beb Thomas, Phil Green and Steve Butcher(?).

Gareth Lloyd Jones writes:  "I haven't changed a bit (I wish!).  If I grew sidies like that now they'd be snow white and full of birds' nests.  This was a wonderful team to work with, skill, dedication and a fierce sense of togetherness. I have never forgotten them.

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