Harrow County School for Boys

Third Year Sixth 1952

This photograph was contributed by Henry Moring.  Identifications from Henry Moring.  


Back Row (L-R):  ?,  ?,  ?,  D. R. Diamond?,  Michael Hartley, Rod Franks, J. B. Bird, B. G. Lord, Maurice Foakes, Roger Knight, Stephenson

Front Row:  Irving Yass,  ?,  ?,  ?,  Lionel Needleman, Mr. Sidney Fooks, A. E. Crudas?, M. A. Ager, Henry Moring, David Jones,  ?

Henry Moring writes: "My school report gives the form as called 3rd Year VI rather than Scholarship VI. I think it is possible the name was changed about that time. It was the changeover period between School Certificate and GCE. They also introduced minimum age limits and I had to wait until I was in Lower VI before I could sit my O levels (at the same time as doing the first year of A level). 3rd Year VI also contained a number of pupils who were still trying for compulsory subjects such as English/French/Maths/Latin O levels or resit A levels rather than attempting Scholarship exams."


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