Harrow County School for Boys

Swimming Squad, 1961-62 - jackets off (taken in June 1962)

This photograph was supplied by Michael Dover, who writes: "Two versions were take (Jackets on and Jackets off). The Jackets on 1962 one was taken in the pouring freezing rain and I am now attaching the unexpurgated "nude" version where you will notice many of the smiles have evaporated (Mine in particular I'm afraid).  Identifications from Michael Dover and Don Reid.

Back Row (L-R):  X, Sanderson?, Martin Walker, X, Mick Hopkinson, X, X, Don Reid, X

Middle Row:  X, Inman?, X, Thorn, X, Graham Hart, X, X, X

Front Row (seated):  Terry Wagstaff (Secretary), Michael Dover (Captain), Mr. Ray Millard, Mr. Neuff (known as "Doughy"), X, Lucas


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