Harrow County


1942-43 or 1944-45

Mike Smith (son of Mrs. Smith below), writes that the photograph was probably taken between July 1942, when the ladies started, and December 1942 when Mr. Street left for war service.  However, Ken Groves writes that the photograph includes Ken Rackham, in the back row, who was in the Super Sixth form, and in 1944/45 was asked to help out with teaching, due to the shortage of staff.

Staff 1943 identification - by Brian Hester

"Back Row, left to right:  Heathfield (?sp) (English), "Sammy" Watson (Music and French), "Beaky" S. F. Fooks (English), "Jack" Hackman (Economics etc) - he married "Trixy" Gower he was C.O. an ATC at Surbiton where he lived, "Jerry" George Dale Cast (Chemistry - also a Communist), "Killer" R.S. King (Maths) - an old boy, "Pa" P. A. R. Street (Chemistry) an old boy, "Cob" Webb (Mechanical Drawing), "Johnny" Armstrong (Geography & French). Robinson (Geography), Rev. Dr. "Dickie" Dyer (Religious Instruction), Rackham (?) an old boy waiting to get called up, "Slap Happy" F. G. Blythman (Physics),

"Standing, left to right:  "Eggy" E. Webb (Biology)- before he grew his beard!, "Bill" W. E. Duke (Maths), Parkinson (English), "Trixy" B. Gower (English), Baranyay  (History), Mrs. N. Smith (Chemistry) - had two sons at school, ? (Maths and Physics - much better looking than the photo suggests!), Miss Simpson (Physics), Attridge (German), "Swanny" Amos (Physical Training), "Easy" E.A.S. Evans (Maths), Atkins (School Sec).

"Seated, front row, left to right:  "Sorbeau" R. W. Hartland (French), "Twink" P. B. Bradley (English), "Spadger" Heys (Physics), "Joe" H. W. Brister (Maths), Mrs. "Lady Alice" Williams, Randall Williams, "Creeper" Davis (History and Latin - he wrote a book "From Charlemagne to Hitler"), George Neal (Art - joined school in 1911), "Whiffy" W. H. King (French) - joined the school after the first term in 1912, George Thorn (Music and General Science), "Jumbo" R. Jones (Latin and Arithmetic).

"I was in form 4A in 1942-3 and distinctly remember Eggy Webb had his beard at least during part of this time. I recall Mrs. Baranyay leaving in '43 so the dating on the picture is probably right. This was the first school year that we had women teachers. One only lasted a year. The others were made of sterner stuff!"

Mr. Brister was known by some as "Bill" and by some as "Joe".

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