Harrow County School for Boys

4th Harrow ‘Merrymen’ Scout Troop - Harrow & Wealdstone District HQ - 1950
This picture was taken at the front of what was the District HQ in Blaywith Road - now underneath the Civic Centre.

This photograph is from Peter Smith.  Identifications from Chris Atkinson, Peter Smith and Wally Vandome.

Back Row (L-R):  Dave Weston (?), Colin Skinner, Dave Pavitt (?)

Fourth Row:  'Tito' Burns, Mike Herbert, Doug Edey, Peter Morris, Peter Smith, Chris Atkinson, Bob Burke, Martin Pribyl

Third Row:  Dave Springall (younger brother of Johnny), Dennis Lewis, X, X, X, Carl Lee, Trevor May, X, X, X, Ken Childerhouse

Second Row (Seated): Derek Norman, Roy Moodie, X, Alan Vincent (Assistant Scoutmaster), Tony Cresswell (Scoutmaster), George Ball (Assistant Scoutmaster), Alan Stroud, Malcolm (Mac) Webster, Roy Norman

Front Row:  X, Vic Corney, John Anthony Henry Leonhardt, Colin Stroud (Alan's younger brother), Derek Bedwell (?), X, Johnny Springall

(Not all members of the Troop were present for this photo)

Chris Atkinson writes that he checked the names against the 1952 Troop list.  Aside from the SM and the two ASMs , the others in the 2nd row were all Rover Scouts assisting in the running of the Troop.  Chris Atkinson was a Patrol Leader in this photograph, and later Group Scout Leader.


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