Harrow County School for Boys

Scholarship Sixth Science 1971

This photograph was supplied by Dick Dunmore, with added captions by Paul Ware.

Back row (L-R):  Richard Michael Dunmore, ?Dave Cox, Stuart Elder: wanted to be a doctor, Vitold (Victor) Heinrich Konrad Mietkowski (unusually, Vick is not making his usual "V-sign" at the camera: compare with the 1971 "whole school" photo), Laurence Raphael (Michael Schwartz says that he is living in Jerusalem), Thomas Keith Carne (Now a Fellow at Cambridge, but he's moved from Trinity), ? Chemist*

Middle row:  Gregory Kendal Leary, ? Peter Reid (got a First in Physics at Birmingham),  Michael Thomas (teaching in Oxfordshire), ?, Paul Leslie Geoffrey Ware,  Sean (?) Keating: Chemist*,  ? Rigby: Chemist*

Front row:  ? (Malcolm "Eddie" Edwards), John Deal, Graeme Rocker (Head Boy),  Mr Neal,  Barry Jones (Deputy Head Boy), Clive Anderson (I wonder what he's up to now? - writes Paul), Jacek Jan Strauch

(*these three were known as the "C8 boys", because they spent most of their free time together in the small, closed supply cupboard of the C8 Physics lab, listening to classical music. )

Dick Dunmore writes:  " I remember the three chemists well.  I remember the taste for classical music and arcane forms of speech ("Incredivel", massive stress of the last syllable, I think, which I now recognise as Portuguese).  They also discovered the radioactive isotope samples and, by ignoring all instructions and holding it to their wrists, pioneering the finding that alpha particles itch.

" In fairness, they did make one scientific contribution.  When I accidentally blew up the Variac transformer, (cost 80) they emerged from their lair to announce that the lights had gone dim in there!"

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