Harrow County School for Boys

Rugby 1950/51 - 2nd or 3rd XV

This Photograph was sent in by Phil Chesterman.  Identifications by Phil Chesterman and John Berge.

Back Row (L - R): John Berge , Mike ``Dixie`` Dean,  Lionel Norman Xykwyx Needleman, Bernard Lord, Friend, Mike Bristow, Newby,   x ,  Brian Myall , Ron French

Front Row:  Derek Johnson, Ron Simpson, Ken Spedding, Dan Maskell, Stephenson*(see below),  Phil Chesterman, Les Pollard.

* Phil Chesterman writes: [Stephenson] played in the George Thorn Symphony Orchestra as lead (and only) cellist,  I was the only double-bass player, and the rest of the ensemble played on scratchy violins.   If it had ever made a recording it would have been a hit on some sardonic comedy show.

LNX Needleman was an interesting character;  after discovering that his given names all started and ended in the same letter, he invented the ``X`` one.

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