Harrow County School for Boys

Rugby 2nd XV 1949-50
This photograph was supplied by Jack Walters, who is top row, centre.  He is an American whose father was in the military and stationed in the London area for a year.   Jack is now retired and living in Florida.  The names were identified by Colin Dickens, Jimmy Henderson, Geoff 'Tom'  Taylor and Reg Whittome.

2ndXV1950.jpg (31239 bytes)
Back row (L-R): Michael Port, ?, Tom Howe, John Bramley, Jack Walters, Tony Fear, "Fanny" Taylor (actually Eric, I think), D. Hurd, Peter Saunders
Front Row:  Peter Moffitt, Alan Thompson, Michael Rose, "Dan" Maskell (Master), Jimmy Henderson, Chris Fruin, T.P. Andrews(?)

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