Harrow County School for Boys

Rugby 1st XV 1944-45
This photograph was supplied by Alan Thompson.  Identifications by Don Thompson, Brian Hester and Stan Weary.

Back Row (L-R):
Stan Weary, Derek ("Deg") Rees, Don Thompson, Wilson?, Phil Rushton, Parkins, ?

Middle Row:  Ken Rackham, Mr. Alec "Swanny" Amos, Peter Donaldson, Tony Manders, Ken Groves (secretary)

Front Row:  Oscar Jones, Hogg, Alan May, Kitson, Moffatt, Peter Bellamy



DONALDSON (Capt.) was an inspiration to the team as a stand-off half.  He seemes to be tireless and was always ready to slip through gaps in the opposition.  His tackling was fearless, but rather too often his passes went astray, and he is inclined to slow up just before giving his pass.  In spite of these faults he was greatly missed when he left for Oxford at Christmas.

MANDERS (Vice-Captain)  An old Colour, he began the season in a promising way and was a very forceful runner.  Early in the season he sustained a knee injury, since when he has played no Rugger.  Throughout the season he has been of great help, on the touch-line and in the general organisation.

RACKHAM improved greatly in his second season.  He has a good touch kick and a sound tackle.  He captained the team efficiently during the Easter term.  Re-awarded Colours.

REES D.  A most outstanding wing forward, using his hands and feet with equal skill.  He can always be relied upon to start or join in a new movement.  Re-awarded Colours.

RUSHTON.  His size and weight, combined with hard forceful play, have proved invaluable in the pack.  Re-awarded Colours.

BELLAMY.  A very fast winger with a fearless tackle, who gathers the ball well at speed.  Re-awarded Colours.

WILSON.  He is a useful man at the centre or full-back position who tackles well and has a notable kick.  Re-awarded Colours.

KITSON.  An energetic forward who has had a successful season.  He is useful with his feet and combines well in the loose.  Re-awarded Colours.

MOFFITT.  At scrum-half he performed his task efficiently, but seemed to lack confidence, prbably due to his last season's injury.  Re-awarded Colours.

MAY.  A wing forward of note who has filled the scrum half position effectively.  He has a natural ability. Re-awarded Colours.

HOGG.  A centre who has speed in attack and is very sound in fefence.  Awarded Colours.

JOHNSON.  A consistant player who has been awarded Colours for his steady, straightforward play.

WEARY.  A good hooker who has served his team well.  He will be invaluable to us next season.  Awarded Colours.

JONES.  A centre brought in half-way through the season.  He has played well and gained experience which will prove useful next season.  He is useful with his feet and combines well in the loose.

PARKINS.  Another newcomer who used his weight to the full advantage.  Should pack round more in the loose.  Awarded Colours.

THOMPSON.  A newcomer to the team who has had a successful first season.  His height was a considerable asset in the line-out.  Awarded Colours.

From Gaytonian, July 1945.


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