Harrow County School for Boys

PREFECTS September 1964

This Photograph was supplied from the school archives by Alex Bateman.  Identifications by Tim Rutter, Robert Easting and Jeff Maynard.  Can anyone put names to the rest of the faces?

(Back Row) X, X, X, X, Robert Easting, Kraushaar, Chris Fribbens, X, X, Robert Birke, Peter Ayre, X, Geoff Haynes-Stiles

(Centre Row) Lesley Gilliland, X, Bruce Varley, Paul Holland, X, Steve Graham, Tony Phillips, X, X, John Bailey, X, X, Graham Plant

(Front Row) X, X, Dick Thwaites, Geoff Tyrrell, Mr. George Cowan (Deputy Headmaster), Tim Rutter (Head Boy), Dr. A. R. Simpson (Headmaster), Dennis McQuillan (Head Senior Prefect), Mr. Thorn, Dick Fogg (Deputy Head Boy), Richard Franklin, John Lane, Roger Swinburn

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