Harrow County School for Boys



This photograph was contributed by Ken Groves.

Back Row (L-R): Alan May, Hugh Metcalfe, Oscar Jones, A.E.F. (Tony) Manders

Middle Row: Billy Moffett, Orchard?, Kitson, Marsh, Ken Blackburn, ‘Jock’ Donaldson

Front Row: K.P. (Ken) Rackham, Derek (Deg) Rees, Phil Rushton (School Captain), Mr. Randall Williams (Headmaster), Jimmy Hogg, Peter Bellamy, K.E. (Ken) Groves

Ken Groves writes (January 2004):  "The following are definitely dead - Ken Rackham, Alan May, Hugh Metcalfe. I met with Deg Rees some 15 years ago and he had been very ill with heart problems and it would not surprise me if he were no longer with us. The same goes for Phil Rushton who, also, was poorly when I last saw him about 20 years ago. As the age of all the prefects in the photo would now be over 75, it is fair to assume, for statistical reasons, that half of them have fallen off their perches!

"I saw Tony Manders at Christmas.  Ken Blackburn was at the 90th Anniversary and I believe that Jimmy Hogg and Peter Bellamy have been heard of, fairly recently, in the O.G.s.

"Oscar Jones, Ken Blackburn and myself came from Pinner Park Primary to H.C.S.

"Ken Rackham and I went to Durham University.  Ken became a senior partner in a firm of consultants in the City, Arthur Anderson, but he had retired before the Arthur Anderson scandal.

"Deg Rees went to Exeter University and was, probably, the best Rugby player that we produced, post War. He played for Middlesex and Devon at wing forward, quite definitely open-side.

"Phil Rushton went to London University and took engineering and became a senior partner in a leading Engineering firm, in the West End - Calhoun, if my memory serves me right, and I have been correct in the spelling.

"Peter Bellamy was a very talented sprinter - under 10 seconds for the 100 yards. He joined the Bank of England and married a very pretty girl.

"Tony Manders became a Chartered Surveyor and ended up in Peterborough organising their new town. He still lives there.

"Marsh was known as 'Piggy, which was typical of the nastiness of young boys.

"Phil Rushton, Ken Rackham, Derek Rees, Tony Manders and myself had formed a very strong friendship and we went around together the whole time, and spent rather more time enjoying ourselves than working. We were all called up after we left School and started to lose most of the 'closeness', but we attended each other's weddings. Ken Rackham was my best man and Phil Rushton was Tony Mander's best man, for instance.

"Derek Rees had a younger brother, Tony (probably 1940 intake), who did join the O.G.s and, hence, he might be able, if he is still around, to tell us about his brother. Tony Rees became the Chief Education Officer for Surrey.

"Alan May had an elder brother, Gordon (1936 intake), who became Chief Engineer at Rolls Royce Engines in Derby. I visited him, in Derby, quite a few times but alas, he is no longer alive. I played with Gordon for the O.G.s just after the War. Peter Bellamy played on the wing at that time.

"Jock Donaldson was the brainy one in that group and, I notice, that he is recorded in the Form Lists as having achieved various scholarships and exhibitions at Oxbridge."

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Brian Hester writes (2009):   "I just happened on this photograph and the comments by Ken Groves. I remember very well everyone on this photograph and can confirm that it really is a photo of Harold Orchard.  Hugh Metcalfe was brought up across the street from me in Ruislip so I knew him before either of us started at HCS - he a year ahead of me.  He took a maths degree at Imperial College and joined British Aerospace where he finish up as deputy managing director. He was awarded a CBE.  I know nothing of Harold Orchard - another Ruislip boy.  I wonder what happened to Bill Moffett? He, along with his elder and younger brothers was brilliant at school."


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