Harrow County School for Boys

Judo Club 1964-65

This photograph was sent in by Richard Amy, who writes:

I seem to recall that this staged photo was taken for a local paper or perhaps the school magazine, the instructor actually leapt over the boy rather than being thrown.
I also seem to recall that the instructor was called "Captain" Ross (every adult connected with HCS loved a title), and was captain of the British Judo Team at that time, although this may be entirely a product of my imagination.  Alternatively this may have been a line they spun us at the time in order to get us to cough-up the dosh for the weekly fee.
I do recall that this photo was taken in the school gym and from my haircut was circa 1964/1965
If anyone from the photo would like a higher resolution scan I would be happy to email it to them.  This would provide vital evidence to our kids that we were vaguely athletic once long ago.

Back Row (L to R): X, Brian Webster, X, X, X, X, X, (Hidden)

Front Row: X, X, Richard Amy, X, X, (Hidden), (Hidden), X

In action: Captain Ross (Flying), X (Standing)

Can anyone help put names to the faces?


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