Harrow County School for Boys

HCS STAFF 1945/46

Peter Lucas writes...

I have been in contact with a fellow OG who was also in my Scout Troop, and as well as lots of yarns about the Scouts he has sent me a photo of the Staff that has been lent to him by the Archivist at Harrow School.

I am certain that it was taken in 1946, because George Neal retired in December 1945 and I am sure that the chap at the left-hand end of the back row is the replacement Art master.   I took Art for GSC and I left in 1948.

The names have been identified by Peter Lucas with additions by Colin Dickins, Roy Goldman and Brian Hester.  Brian remembers the photograph being taken, and that it was followed by one of the prefects.  Does anyone have the prefects photograph?

Back Row (L to R): 1. Mungo? - Art Master, 2. Don't know, 3. Blythman - taught Physics, 4 D.Dyer, 5. E.S.Webb(Egg), 6. J.E Hackman, 7.A.Amos, 8.R.S.King (Old Gaytonian) 9. S Robinson, an Old Gaytonian, 10. Don't know, 11. K. O. Evans - taught History, Welsh accent, played cricket for Glamorgan,  12. PG "Spud" Heafield 13.Don't know  14. Winton (Wally)- taught chemistry. (He came to School on an old Motorbike)
Middle Row: 1.GG Armstrong, 2.RT Attridge, 3.HH Webb (Cob), 4. EAS "Easy" Evans (Old Gaytonian), 5. Mrs Thomas - taught chemistry.   6. Mrs Smith (taught me Maths), 7. CJ Atkins Secretary, 8.Miss Beatrice  "Trixie" Gower (maybe by then already Mrs Hackman, I cannot be sure. 9. "Hairy Mary"  Miss Simpson - taught Physics. 10. WE Duke, 11. GD Cast, 12. CR Crinson. 13. SR "Sammy" Watson (these latter two had recently been demobbed from Army service.
Front Row: 1. SF Fooks, 2. HS Parkinson  3. G Thorn, 4. WT "Spadger" Heys, 5. HW Brister, 6. D Crowle Ellis (Headmaster from Sept 1945 to July 1946) 7. J S Davis. 8. WH King, 9.RR Jones, 10. PB Bradley, 11 R Hartland.