Some Gaytonians

John Abbott - (HCS 1966-73)  Works in Information Technology for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

P. R. Ackroyd - Reverend Professor - Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of London.  Guest of Honour, Speech Day 1964.

Michael Adler (HCS 1953 - ) - Professor of Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Edinburgh

Howard Aiken (HCS 1965-71) lives in Oxfordshire and works in telecommunications software for a US-based company.

Rodney Aiken (HCS 1968- )  Brother of above.

Keith Alexandre (HCS 1950-56) Retired Accountant.

George Allan - Councillor, Essex County Council

John Allen (HCS 1959 - )  Photographer. 

A. E. Amor - (HCS 1912- )  Former Chairman of Kodak.

Clive Anderson - Barrister, Television Personality (i.e. "Whose Line is it Anyway?)

Anthony (Tony) B. Andrews - (HCS 1945-50)  Reverend, parish in Kensington.

Ian Andrews - (HCS 1951-58)  Solicitor, former Town Clerk and Chief Executive of Poole, Dorset.

Tony Arkey - (HCS 1956-63)  Regional Director of the Alexander Beard Group, PLC in Hong Kong.

Roger Armstrong (HCS 1962-69) Solicitor.

Peter Arnold - The world's foremost Spitfire historian.

Charles Aylmer - Head of the Chinese Section, Cambridge University Library

Tom Backer - Was partner of Carter Backer Winter & Co., accountants & business advisors.   He is now an international tax consultant living in Guernsey.

David Backhouse (HCS 1954-62)  - Chartered Civil Engineer

David Bage - (HCS 1936-40) - Retired civil engineer and Borough Engineer.

Kenneth Bagshawe - (HCS 1936-42) -  CBE (1989).  Winner of the Sports Challenge Cup, 1941.   Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology, Charing Cross Hospital, University of London.

Colin Ball - Professor of Social Studies, University of Windsor, Ontario

Steven Banks -Physicist, in Australia

Peter Barker - (HCS  -  )  Manager of a graphics company in Hatch End.  Historical re-enacter.  Appeared on TV in Simon Schama's History of Britain.

Philip Barnett - (HCS  1963-  )  Information Technologist.

Wayne Barnett - (HCS 1964-  )  Partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, Jayson Newman, in London.

Robin Baron - Lawyer

Gareth Bartlett - (HCS 60s-70s) Died (heart attack) approximately 1992.  Ran a company called Brass Tacks in Pinner, specialising in upholstery for Middle-Eastern palaces.

Alex Bateman - (GHS 1980-84) Archivist, Old Gaytonians Association, Editor "Old Gaytonian" magazine.  Aviation researcher.

Stephen Beaumont - (HCS 1970-77) Hotel Manager in USA and Canada.

Laurence Benn - Head of Civil Aviation Studies at London Guildhall University.

Simon Benson - (HCS 1965-70) Professional Musician and Composer.

Mike Bergquist - (HCS 1969-75) Premier Banking Relationship Manager with Barclays Bank.

Jonathan Berman - Lawyer.

Norman Biggs - Professor of Mathematics, London School of Economics

Michael Biggs - (HCS 1967-74)  Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Hertfordshire,  Visiting Professor at the University of Lund, Sweden and University of Mackenzie, São Paulo

Brian Bilgorri - Film and TV Location Manager

Tony Black - (GHS 1980-85) Works for Renault UK in aftersales.

Jeffrey Blumenfeld - (HCS 1961-68)  OBE.  Director of the Jewish Marriage Council.

Edward (Ted) Blundell (1922-1998) - Diplomat, Chief Registrar of Foreign Office, Old Gaytonian.

Mick Boggis - (HCS 1958-64)  A freelance audio consultant and technical author.   In Tring, Hertfordshire.

David Boniface (HCS 1958-64) - Food Technologist.

Sir John Boothman - (HCS 1912-16) - Winner of the Schneider Trophy for Britain at 340.08 miles per hour.

Roger Bowen - (HCS 1955-63)  In business in Norfolk.

Donald S. Box - (HCS  -  )  First Gaytonian to be elected a Member of Parliament, for Cardiff North in 1959.

Richard Boyd - (HCS 1956-62) Councillor, Essex County Council

David Bradburn  - (HCS 1952-  ) Computer System Testing Consultant.

Michael Brandman - Lawyer

Dave Brookes - (HCS/GH 1974-78)  IT Buyer for BT and Cub Scout Leader.

David Buckley - (HCS 1953-61) Retired BBC Technician.

Richard Buckley - (HCS 1959-65).  Capital projects manager.  Conservative winner of 1964 HCS Mock Election. Former member Brent Council.   Conservative candidate for Neath 1983. UKIP candidate for Cotswold 2005.  Brother of above.  

Richard Bunt - Entrepreneur, property company owner.

Alan Bunting - (HCS 1948-53)  Journalist.

Steve Burke - (HCS 1971-77)   Represented England at 110m hurdles in the Home International Championships at Meadowbank in 1978. Also represented (and captained) both The Army  junior and senior teams, the Combined Services at junior (captain) and senior level. 

Martin Butcher - Registrar, University College, London.

Sir Sidney Caine - Former Director of the London School of Economics.

Dave Campbell - (HCS 1964-71)  Principal Environmental Health Officer at the London Borough of Hillingdon.

T. K. Carne - (HCS -71) Lecturer, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Kings College, Cambridge.

Andrew J. Carruthers - Lawyer

Mike Casebourne - Chief Executive of the Institute of Civil Engineers

Frank Chambers - (HCS 1961-67)  Insurance Consultant

Ameet Chana - (GHS 1989-94) is a British Indian actor.  He played Tony in the film "Bend it Like Beckham", and Adi Ferreira in the BBC series "East Enders".

Chris Clark - (GHS 1980-85) A Physicist.

John Clayton - (HCS 1960-67) - Award-winning (Emmy, Queen's Award) technologist, designer of television standards converter  between  UK and US systems.

Graham Clough - Property Professional

Stephen Clyne - (HCS 1958-65)  Taught in central London secondary schools until 1990.  Now a consultant  in school property matters [EFM Ltd] that advises schools, local authorities, the construction and housebuilding industries.

J. H. Cobb - (HCS -67) Dr. Cobb is a physicist at the Nuclear and Astrophysics Lab, Oxford University.

Gary Cobden - (HCS 1962-69) Financial Advisor.

Ian Cobden - (HCS 1967-74) Chartered Accountant, brother of above.

Andy Colhoun - (HCS 1950-57(Dec))  Won the Kingsley Fairbridge Memorial Scholarship to University College of Rhodesia in 1957.  MBA, University of Cape Town 1967. Held various Chief Executive positions in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland until retiring as MD of Avery Berkel, Zimbabwe, in 1999. Married with three adult offspring who are scattered throughout the world.

Stephen Constant - Partner in Coopers and Lybrands in Norway.

Alan Cooper - (HCS  - ) Headmaster, Marches School, Oswestry, Shropshire.

Chris Coote (HCS 1967-70) - Director and Appointed Actuary at MGM Assurance.

David Coppinger - (HCS 1956-64)  Warrant Officer in CCF 1964.

Mike (aka Mick) Cotter - (HCS 1958-63)  Information Technology Project Manager

Martin Cove (HCS 1962-69) - Lives in Buckinghamshire and works in IT for Interoute Transport Services.

Gordon Cummings (HCS 1950-55)  Chairman of Saffron Walden Arts Trust.  Secretary of the Fry Public Art Gallery in Saffron Walden.  Has a dry cleaning business based in Soham, Cambs..

Martin Curtis (HCS 1955- ) Singer, songwriter and New Zealand "Bush Poet".

Tony Curtis (HCS 1964-  )  Chief Planning Officer, Basingstoke and Deane District Council.

H. W. Cutler (HCS  -  )  Mayor of Harrow, 1959.

Martin Cutter - (HCS 1952-59) - Retired from London Underground and now in Illinois, USA.

Michael (Alan) Cutter - (HCS 1955-62) - Violinist, Professional Musician and Teacher.   Brother of above.

Paul Danon - Webmaster.  Runs the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children website.

William (Bill) Davies - Formerly Associate Director of Cambridge University Press (Retired).

John Deal - (HCS 1964-72)  - Assistant Director Strategic Planning and Project Management, National College for School Leadership, Nottingham.

Andrew Deighton - Lawyer

Tom Dennington - (HCS 1970-77) Certified accountant.

Jeremy de Swarte - (HCS 1971-76)  Managing Director of a medium size building company.

Jerry Dicker - (HCS 1956-63)  Retired Primary Head Teacher in Bristol area.  Now a tree surgeon.

Colin Dickins - (HCS 1947-  )  Former editor of the Old Gaytonian Magazine.

John McEndoo Dickson - (HCS 191? - 191?) - Chemist, Science Teacher.  Born 1902, died 1972.

Michael Diner -(HCS 1963-70) Specialist in tax for US pop performers doing live work in the UK.  Lives in Bournemouth.

Paul Diner - (HCS 1968-74) Brother of above.

Victor Dobb - (HCS 1936-41)

Sir Charles Dodds - (HCS 1911-16) - Professor, Doctor and Scientist.  Discoverer of Stilboestrol, the first synthetic hormone.  Died 1973.

Tony Drake - (HCS 1949-56) Retired from NPL Teddington, works on Bluebell railway.

Stewart Dresner - (HCS 1962-69) Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business

Barrie Eagling - (Gayton High 1975-79) In Northampton, working for Chubb (Security).

Geoffrey Egan - Archeologist, Museum of London

Richard Elkan - (HCS 1960-67) Went on to Art School and now has graphic design and display business.

Royston Ellis - (HCS 1952-56)  Beat Poet of the 60s, subject of the Beatles song "Paperback Writer", published author of many books.

Ken Elvy - (HCS 1960-67) Leads the change management practice for Deloitte Consulting in the UK.

Tony English - (HCS 1970s) Managing Director, Purcon Consultants, Ltd.

Fernando Esteve (HCS 1961-68?)  Senior Tax Manager, BG Group.  Also, member of the Steering Group, & Treasurer for, the United Kingdom Oil Industry Taxation Committee (UKOITC)

Rob Farley - (HCS 1942-46) - Retired in Oct 1990 as Dep. Group Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Don Farrow - Television producer.

John Farrow - Teacher - suspended for writing and publishing the notorious "Slime" magazine.  Brother of above.  Lives in Sweden.

Jeff Faulkner - (HCS 1964-  ) - Chief Executive, The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust.

Rick Ferguson - (HCS 1968-73) - Director of Cisco Systems, Sydney, Australia

Kel Fidler - (HCS 1955-62) - Professor J. K. Fidler was Professor of Electronics at the University of York.  He is now Vice-Chancellor of the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

Andrew Findon - Professional flautist and saxaphonist.  Extensive work on film and TV music.  Principal Flute, National Symphony Orchestra.  Solo album.

Gary Findon - (HCS - 1964-69)   Died on 22nd June 1969, while still in L6A.  Remembered for great contributions to music at HCS.   Older brother of Andrew Findon, above.

Alan Finlay - (HCS - 1968?) Lawyer

Martin Flack - (HCS 1966-73)  Graphic Designer.  Director of a company that maintains dental surgeries and equipment within the Shaftesbury Dental Care Group.

Neil Forbes - (HCS 1971-76) Practice Manager for a Financial Services organisation.

Robert M. Forrest

John Fortgang - (HCS 1951-59)  District Judge in Buckinghamshire

Michael Fowler - (HCS 1953-56) Professor of Physics at University of Virginia.

Peter Fowler - (HCS 1956-63) Director of the International Centre for Digital Content and Professor of Learning Technology, Liverpool John Moores University, brother of Michael Fowler.

Alan Fowler - (HCS 1959-67) IT management consultant specialising in procurement of large information systems.  Works for Xansa.  Lives in Hertfordshire.

Quentin Fox - (HCS 1968-1975) Litigation solicitor with City firm, director of Wealdstone Football Club.

Angus Fraser - (Gayton High School) - Cricketer for Middlesex and England.   England's most successful test bowler in the 1990s.  Will be Captain of Middlesex for the 2001 season.

Alastair Fraser - (Gayton High School) - Cricketer.  Played for Middlesex and Essex 1992-98.  Brother of above.

Gerry Freed - (HCS 1948-55) - Technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, futurologist, professor of management - UK, Australia ,France.

Howard Friend - (HCS 1960-67) - Managing Editor of the music houses of Chester Music/Novello and Co. Ltd.

Stephen Frost - (HCS 1964-70)  Lawyer. Wrote the Thailand section in two legal encyclopaedias on corporate reporting and employment law, the Thailand chapters in books on equity markets, telecommunications and defamation and regular articles for several magazines. Lectured on numerous aspects of Thai law in Thailand and elsewhere. Occasional lecturer at Asia Business Forum, Dataconsult, and Chulalongkorn University. Board director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand.

Paul Frost - (HCS 1967-72)  Technical Director for a London company specialising in the design and production of injection moulded consumer goods.  Brother of above.

Richard Gagola - (HCS 1968-75)  Writer and artist, working with galleries and museums on their
exhibitions and education programmes.

Christopher Gagola - (HCS 1969-75)  Quality Assurance Engineer for a Global Digital Solutions Provider.  Brother of above.

Andrew Gagola - (HCS 1971-?)  Design engineer.  Brother of above.

Graham Gall - (HCS 1965-72) - Air Traffic Engineer for CAA/NATS.

Stephen Gallico - (HCS 1961-68) Lawyer, partner in Thomas Eggar Church Adams.

Stephen Games (HCS 1963-70) - A specialist writer and broadcaster in the field of architecture and related subjects, working for organisations ranging from BBC Radio 3 to The Guardian (where he won a British Press Award), The Independent and the Los Angeles Times. He has taught for Boston University and AIU (London) and is editor of "Pevsner on Art and Architecture: the Radio Talks" (Methuen, 2003).

Martin Garman - Teacher, education administrator.

Bob Garratt - (HCS 1955-62)  Professor of Corporate Governance, Imperial College, London, Head Boy, 1961-62.

Ian Gawn - (HCS 1955-62) Secretary of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

Charles W. Gear - (HCS 1946-53) Emeritus Professor of Computer Sciences at the University of Illinois

Andy Gee - (HCS 1964-71)  A partner with ntna international management (the lower case is intentional) specialising in valuing businesses and intellectual property.

Roger Gershon - (HCS 1962-68) Retired accountant, lives in lighthouse in Scapa Flow, Orkney.

Jonathan Gershon - (HCS 1965 - early 70s) Teacher, currently General Education Adviser (Design and Technology) for the London Borough of Harrow.  Brother of above.

Brian Gilbert - Film Director (Oscar Wilde, Tom and Viv)

Stephen Alfred Gilbert - Lawyer

Bernard Gillespie (HCS 1939-46)  Retired Architect.  Last 45 years in Canada.

Norman Gilliland (HCS 1961-68) A Financial Consultant with Nationwide, living in Deal, Kent.

Roger Glover - Musician

David Godson (HCS 1954-61)  Works for US Government in the UK.  Based at the Embassy in Berkeley Square.

Peter Godwin - CBE, Chairman of Global Energy and Environment Ltd., 40 year career in International Banking.  Died April 26th, 2001.

Peter Gold - Professor of Hispanic Languages, University of the West of England, Bristol.  Liberal Democrat Politician

E. T. Goodwin - Former Superintendent of the Mathematics Division of the National Physical Laboratory.

Nigel Goss - Managing Partner in a London firm of Solicitors

John Graham - Actor, changed name to John Grantham for Equity, starred in West End production of "No Sex Please we're British":

Aaron Gransby - (GHS 1980-84)  Editor of the "Harrow Observer" until September 2002.

Roger Craig Gregory - Computer Pioneer

Keith Greatbatch - (HCS 1971-76)  In Boston, USA as Global Package Development Manager for Gillette.

Keith Green - (HCS 1965 - ) Form 1N.  Air Traffic Controller since leaving school.   Crew Chief at the London Air Traffic Control Centre, West Drayton.  See Aircraft Spotter photo.

D. H. Grice - the first Old Gaytonian to be decorated in the Second World War, awarded D.F.C. June 1940.

Gary Griffith (GHS 1983 - 1987) - Telecommunication Network Design Engineer & Technical Consultant currently working in the City of London.

Jonathan Grogan - (HCS 1969-76) - Chartered Accountant.  Treasurer of the Harrow and Wealdstone Scout District.

Jonathan Grunewald - Partner in a London firm of Solicitors.  Secretary of the Pinner Players, the amateur theatre company in Pinner.  Webmaster of

Richard Grunewald - Consultant Neurologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. Brother of above.

Graham Haigh (HCS 1952-58) - Retired in the Philippines, after a 30-year career abroad in general management with Federal Express and DHL.

Geoff Haines-Stiles - Former Head Boy, Television Producer

Martin "Ginger" Hale - (HCS 1965-72)  On staff of British Airports Authority at Heathrow.

Dave Hantman - (HCS 1965-73)  Optometrist in Preston Road, Wembley.

Mike Hardy - Teacher, Ossett School, Leeds

Charles Harman - (HCS 1969-  ) Has worked in Local Government since 1983.  London Borough of Southwark until 1998.  Now Housing Operations Manager for Gosport Borough Council. Lives in Southsea.

Keith Harwood - (GHS 1983-87)  Works for the Metropolitan Police Service.

Jim Harris - (HCS 1960-64)  Head of Maintenance, Cambridgeshire County Council.

Malcolm Heath - (HCS 1968-76) Professor of Greek Language and Literature, Leeds University.

Brian Hester - (HCS 1939 - 46) Geologist, in Canada

Jim Higgins - (HCS 1943-47)  Journalist and British Revolutionary Socialist.  Died October 13th 2002.

John Arthur Hill - (HCS 1920s) Chemist.  Managing Director, British Hydrocarbon Chemicals.  Died 1999.

R. W. Hill - (HCS 1936-42) Fellow and Tutor in Physics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Chief Guest, Speech Day, 1962

Sim Hill - (HCS 1962-69) Clinical systems scientist, involved in the development of research programs for new drugs.

Peter Hilsden - (HCS 1942-47) Retired bank manager living in Honiton, Devon.

Steve Hilsden - (HCS 1969-76)  Credit insurance underwriter in Cardiff.  Son of above.

Adrian Holme - (HCS 1968-75)  Installation and performance artist.  Journalist, medical and creative copy writer.  Studio at the Bow Arts Trust, London.  Example of work at .  

Michael Hornby - Solicitor

Michael Hrebeniak - (GHS 1977-81)  Lecturer in Humanities, Royal Academy of Music.

Tony Hughes - (HCS 1957-62)  Owns a Software Development company, specialising in Health and Local Authority care applications.

Ronnie (Ron) Hulman - (HCS 1969-76) Practice Manager within IBM Global Services,  leading the Knowledge & Content Management Practice. Living in Datchworth, Hertfordshire.

Paul Hymas - (GHS 1977-81) Marketing manager for a recruitment agency.

Malcolm Ingram, - Actor, Director, Writer, assistant Professor Syracuse University, New York

Dr. Roger O. Iredale - (HCS 1950s) Chief Education Adviser, Overseas Development Administration, London

R. Ironton - (HCS -1971) Consultant in Paedeatrics, Southampton General Hospital.

Richard Irwin - Lecturer in Mathamatics

Carl Jackson - (HCS 1970-77) Teacher, Organist, Chapel Royal, Hampton Court.

David Jackson - (HCS 1958-64)  Former Reservations and Distribution Manager of Alitalia, now retired.   Website:

Michael Jacobs - (HCS 1962-69)  Commercial Property/Casualty Manager at what is now Groupama Insurances.

John Jeffers - (HCS 1968-73)  Top window salesman.

Alan Jobber - (HCS 1961-68) - ICT co-ordinator at a school in Surrey.

David Johnson - (HCS 1961-69) - A dentist in general practice in South Buckinghamshire.

David Jones - (HCS 1968-74) Now David Lloyd-Jones.  IT Consultant/Analyst/Programmer/Database Administrator.

Gordon W. E. Jones - (HCS 1962-69) Hong Kong Registrar of Companies.

Steve Jones - (HCS 1965-72) State Registered Paramedic with the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust based in Bedford.  Press & Public Relations (Communications Officer).

Charles July - (HCS - 75) Lawyer

Andrew Kasriel - (HCS  -1963) - Formerly engineer, planning, construction and development consultant, now arbitrator, mediator and barrister at Albany Chambers, 46 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LR.

Terry Kenvyn - (HCS 1962-68) Financial Administrator, back in UK after many years in South Africa.

Edward Kerr - (HCS 1960-1966)  Head of Accounting and Finance Group and Senior Lecturer in Financial Management at the University of Hertfordshire  and Visiting Lecturer in Financial Management at the University of Surrey.

Alan Kershaw - (HCS 1963-70)  Chief Executive of the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners

Bryan Kesselman - (HCS 1970-77) - Opera singer, composer and music teacher.

Andrew Ketteringham - LibDem candidate for Maidenhead 1997

Frank Kirkham - (HCS 1961-68) - Teaches maths, ICT and games (specialising in cricket) at Birkdale, a boys' preparatory school in Sheffield.  Has recently completed over 33 years in the Territorial Army.  Awarded MBE in the 2003 New Year's Honours List.

Jeremy Krause - President of the Royal Geographical Society.  Senior Advisor on Geography to Cheshire County Council.

Tom Lake - (HCS  - 1963) Software engineering consultancy

Laurence (LOL) Lando - (HCS 1956-63) A private dental practioner and former President of the London BDA.

Steve Lavender - (HCS 196- 197- )  A project bid manager with IBM.

Matthew de Lange - (HCS 1964-71) Partner specialising in learning and knowledge sharing programmes for clients at  PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Nicholas de Lange - (HCS - ) Author, translator, Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Cambridge.  Brother of above.

Peter Lawson - (HCS 1969-74)  Preston House.  Teacher - Head of Modern Languages at Mill Hill School.

Robin Leach - (HCS  -  )  Television Journalist.  Host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".  Lives in Antigua.

Howard Levene - (HCS 1957-63) Chartered Certified Accountant

Christopher Levenson - (HCS -1953)  Prominent Canadian Poet.  Retired Professor at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Jonathan M. Lewis - Solicitor.  Became Immigration Adjudicator in November 2000.

Leigh Lewis - (HCS 1962-69) CB.  Chief Executive of the Employment Service (brother of above).

Mark Lewis - Lawyer

Anthony Ley - (HCS 1949 -1955) President and CEO of Harmonic, Inc., a California, USA public company and provider of Broadband solutions.

Bruce Lidington - Actor, activist (died 1996, aged 46)

Barry Lightman - (HCS 1963-70) Solicitor and District Judge, Central London County Court.

John Loader (HCS 1952-57)  Retired CID Officer, Metropolitan Police.

Leon Loberman - (HCS 1965-73)   Information Technology Consultant.

Bob Locker - (HCS 1959-66)  Lighting Designer at The British Museum, lives in Hertfordshire.

Paul Logan - (HCS 1967- )  Oil Geologist.

Brian Lowes - (HCS 1948-54) Teaches Geology at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington State, USA.

Peter Lund - Director of a small distribution business in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.   A director of the Llangollen Railway, a tourist steam railway in North Wales,

John Mair - Classicist, career in Department of the Environment.

R. H. Mason - (HCS circa 1928) President of the Royal Photographic Society, Editor of "Amateur Photographer"

Kevin Maton - Economic Development Consultant.  Labour Councillor on Coventry City Council - Cabinet member for Social Services.

Francis Matthews - Actor, Artistic Director, Greenwich Theatre, now known as Matthew Francis.

Charles Maughan - (HCS pre-war) Air Vice Marshall, former General Secretary, Royal British Legion.

Geoff May - (HCS 1957-64)  Project Manager for  Ordnance Survey based at their Southampton headquarters.

Trevor May - Author of the 1975 History of Harrow County.

Anthony Maynard (HCS 1950s) Painter and Sculptor, in Norfolk.

Jeffrey Maynard - (HCS 1962-69).   Welldon House.   Controller, Able Healthcare Service, Inc. (New York, USA)  Author of this website.

Martin McCausland - (HCS 1956-63) Civil Servant. Aid Agreement Draftsman at the
Department for International Development.

Ian McEwen - North American Engineering Director of Quality & Product Assurance, General Motors, USA

David Mann - (GHS 1980-84)  Graphic Designer.  In Sydney, Australia.

Chris McManus - (HCS 1962-69) Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, University College, London

D. H. McMorran - won the Pugin Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1925 and later became it's President.

Peter Mansfield - (HCS 1952-59)  Head Boy 1961.  Doctor in Louth, Lincolnshire.

Michael Mendelblat

Paul Mendelson - (HCS 1967-69) Television scriptwriter.

Hugh Metcalfe - (HCS 1939-  )  Specialist in guided weapons, and a key figure in the successful development of Bloodhound and Rapier, Britain's longest-serving surface-to-air missiles.  Died July 2002.

Gary Michaels - Pharmacist in Bushey.

Coll (Colin) Michaels - Pharmacist.  Brother of above.  Manager of Professional Networks IMS HEALTH Networks Limited.

Jonathan Michaels - (HCS 1969-? ) Vascular surgeon in Sheffield.

Keith Miller - Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow.

Richard Miller - (HCS 1961-67)  Head of a school Art Department in Ludlow, Shropshire.

Brian Milton - (HCS  195 -195  )  The first person to fly a microlight aircraft around the world, in 1998.  Winner of Prince-of-Wales Trophy, Britannia Trophy, Seagrave Trophy. 

Richard Mogg - (HCS 1947-51)  Retired marine and power station engineer.

Roy Moodie - (HCS  )  Honorary Fellow, School of Chemistry, University of Exeter.

Sir Derek Morris - Chairman of the Competition Commission.  Knighted 1/1/03.

Keith Mount - (HCS 1967-72)

Ian Mountstephen - (HCS 1935? - 1940?) Retired Tax Inspector, Inland Revenue.

Peter Muckersie - (HCS 1939-47)  Retired teacher.  Taught as schools in Warwickshire including Kenilworth Grammar School, which became Kenilworth School (comprehensive) in 1975.  Retired in  1997 as Head of Castle Sixth Form Centre.

David Munns - (HCS ) Former Head of Polygram International and business manager for Bon Jovi.

Don Murdie - Warden of Ancient Monuments for the Western Isles.

Ian Murray - (HCS 1958- )  Formerly captain with Cunard. Then drove submarines inspecting the structure of north sea oil installations.  Non-identical twin of Gordon Murray.

Newton Richard Huntley Myers - (HCS - 1948) (sometimes known as Tadpole or Taddy at Harrow County)

Colin Mynott - (HCS 1948-56) Entrepreneur.   Dr. Mynott's company, TICS Ltd. works with CEO's on Product Development.

Peter Myrants - (HCS 1968-72)  Director of an Information Technology Consultancy.

Anthony Newman - (HCS 1949-55) Retired electronics engineer. Tutors mathematics, physics and chemistry to high school students.

Clive Newton - Barrister, Queens Counsel, author of "General Principles of Law".

Paul Nowak - (HCS 1967- )  Engineering Geologist.

Christopher Noyce - Solicitor, LibDem candidate for Bedford, 1997

Sir Paul Nurse - Biologist, Director of Cancer Research UK.  Won Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2001.  In November 2003 will become President of Rockefeller University, New York.

Arnold Nyberg - Flotilla Officer in Landing Craft on D-Day.

David Ogilvie - (HCS 1952-59)  Retired after 36 very interesting years in the process engineering contracting industry.

Michael Oliver - (HCS 19  - 5 ) Horticulturalist.  Proprietor of a garden centre in Bath.

Paul Oliver - Former chairman of HCS Afro American Music Society, Blues historian, architect, former master at HCS.

Dennis Orme - (HCS 1967-75)  HCS Cross Country Captain.  Computer Analyst and archivist of the Harrow Athletic Club - known until recently as the Old Gaytonians Athletics Club.

Peter Owen - (HCS 1953-60)

Martin Packer - (HCS 1965-1971)  Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

P. N. Panto - (HCS  -71) Doctor of Medicine, Consultant in Radiology, Mansfield Community Hospital.

A. G. Parkinson - Professor of Engineering Mechanics, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Ray Parnell - (HCS 1967-74)  Joined the RAF after leaving HCS; career included flying, operations and intelligence work.  Left in 1998 and currently works in IT.

Chris R C Paul - (HCS 1953-60) - Professor, Head of Department of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool.

Malcolm Payne - (HCS 1961-68) - Professor of Applied Community Studies, The Manchester Metropolitan University.  At HCS, played the Mikado in 1965, Accompanied Iolanthe, 1966.

John Saxon Pedder - (HCS 1920s) Chemist.  Works Manager Albright & Wilson Ltd.  Died 1999.

Geoffrey Perkins - (HCS 1964-71)  Writer, Producer, Performer, writer of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", Head of Comedy, BBC Television from 1995.

Clive Perry - (HCS 1950s)  Professor of Drama at St Margaret' s College, Edinburgh, and Hon Ph.D shortly from his college; OBE ; been a director of plays at various theatres for 43 years, including Leicester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and (currently) Pitlochry.  "He was a splendid Richard II in 1955." (JSG)

Michael Perry - (HCS 1950-57) Retired, consultant in agribusiness area.  In Sydney, Australia since 1978.

Paul Phillips - (HCS 1971-76) Chartered Accountant in Enfield, Middlesex.

Richard Philps - English triple jump athlete. Record 15.47 metres at Enfield July 8th, 1979.

John Picken - (HCS 1964-  )  In Chicago.  Works at Foreign Exchange Department of Bank One.

Simon Pithers - solicitor, in Abu Dhabi (?)

Peter Pleasants - Mathematician.  University of South Pacific.

Geoffrey Plow - (HCS 1968-74)  Head of Modern Languages at University College School, Hampstead.

Chris. Ponter - (HCS 1941-48)  1948 Cross Country Captain.   Director of Christies auctioneers 1970-1992  (retired).  Currently Trustee of Spencer Gallery in Cookham.

Bryan Ponter - (HCS 1944-50)  Old Gaytonians Rugby Club Team Secretary 1975/77 & 1981/82 (died 1982)    - brother of above

Richard Ponter - (HCS 1952 -57)  Emigrated to Canada 1975.  Played for Toronto Barbarians for a while.

Richard Porter - (HCS 1962-64) Lives in Dartmouth, Massachussetts, USA.

Michael Portillo - (HCS 1964-71) Conservative Politician, Member of Parliament, Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Brian Poulton - (HCS 1957-61) Software Consultant (and Mad Motorist)

John (Jack) Powell - ran in 1936 Olympics

Colin Price - (HCS 1969-76) Schoolteacher, Head of Religion and Ethics at the High School of Glasgow.

Ray Prytherch - Bibliographer.

Mark Ramprakash - (Gayton High School) England and Middlesex Cricketer

Peter Rapaport - (HCS 1957-62) Accountant and Entrepreneur in the Leisure Sector.

Charles Rapaport - (HCS 1962-?) Resident of Manilla, Philippines.  President of record company.  Brother of above.

Ian Rapaport - (HCS 195?- 6?) Dentist in Vancouver, Canada

Peter Read - (HCS 1965-71)  Reader in the Department of Physics, and Fellow and Tutor in Physics at Trinity College , University of Oxford.

Gareth Rees - Q.C., Barrister

David Reissner - (HCS 1965-72) Solicitor - partner in City firm Charles Russell.   Deputy District Judge.

Rishpal Singh Rekhi - (GHS 1989-94)  Rishpal Singh Rekhi, better known by his stage name Rishi Rich, is a British Indian music producer.  He began his career in the Asian Underground scene and later became internationally known for his Bhangra tracks, his Hindi remixes, and as a pioneer of Indian-R&B fusion music.

Kimberly Rew - Songwriter, guitarist of Katrina and the Waves.

Tony Rhoades - Old Gaytonians Association School Liason (deceased).

Gary Richards - Tax Lawyer

Andrew Ritchie - (HCS 1964- )  Major General, British Army. Commandant of Sandhust since January 2003.

James Ritchie - (HCS 196x- )  Brother of above.

Bob Ritson - (HCS 1966-71)  Management consultant working for Kodak in Harrow.

Douglas "Cardew" Robinson - Comedian

Michael Robinson - Councillor, Hertfordshire County Council.

Peter Robinson - (HCS 1920s)  Hurricane Pilot in 56 Squadron based at North Weald. He fought in and survived the Battle of Britain but was killed the following year, on the 17th June 1941.

David Roche - (Gayton High 1979-83)  Lives in Bridlington, Yorkshire; works for Michelin.

Graeme Rocker - (HCS -71) Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Canada

Nigel Rogers - (HCS 1961- )  Singer.  Musical Artists Agent.

Paul Romney - (HCS 1956-63)  Writer of Canadian History.  Has taught at Johns Hopkins University.

H. P. Rooksby - Professor.

Nick Rowe - (HCS 1970-77)  Management consultant specialising in corporate governance and risk management.

John Runnicles - (HCS 1952-58)  In pottery industry (Royal Doulton) until 1970.  Then British Airways.  Retired in 1996.

John Rutter - Marketing Director.

Tim Rutter - (HCS 1957-65)  Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan.

Graham Sado - (HCS 1962-69) Doctor.  General Practitioner in Kenton, Middlesex.

Philip Sallon - Friend of Boy George.

Richard Salter - (HCS 1963-70) Q.C., Barrister.

Martin Samuel - (HCS 1969-? ).  Paediatrician in Stoke.

Esmond Sanders - (HCS 1956-63).   Professor and Head of Physiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 

Ian Sanders - Head Boy 1969-70.  Founder and CTO of MMC Technology, San Jose, California

Jonn Savannah (Known as Don Snow at HCS) - (HCS 1969 -?) Musician, Songwriter.

Harvey Schildkraut (Shields) - Drummer.

Nigel Sedgley - (HCS - 1972) Database and web application developer.

Ian Segal - (HCS 1967-74) Chartered Accountant.

Ray Sewell - (HCS 1953-59) Chartered Surveyor with own Company in Rickmansworth - Commercial Property.

Graham Sharpe - (HCS 1962-69) Author of 18 books and Manager of Media Relations for bookmaker William Hill.

Stephen Shaw - Barrister.

Neil Shedden - Class 1K 1972.

Nigel Sheinwald - (HCS 1964-71) Sir Nigel Elton Sheinwald, KCMG, Permanent Representative, UKREP, Brussels.

Eric Sheldon - Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, University of Masachussetts - Lowell

Tony Sheward - Accountant in Industry

Sess Sigré - Lawyer

Ray Simons - (HCS 1969-  )  Chartered Accountant, working as Director, Billing & Customer Collections for COLT Telecommunications.

Anthony Smith - (HCS 1949-56) - CBE, former BBC Television Producer, former Director of British Film Institute, President of Magdalen College, Oxford

Gordon Smith - Artist

Jim Smith - (HCS -1955) Actor, under name of James Clarkson, former lecturer in English at Southampton University.

Philip Smith - (HCS 1962-69)  Assistant Headteacher at Ridgway School, Plymouth.

R. M. H. (Mike) Smith - (HCS 1941-48).  Captain Second XV.  retired from Queen Mary College 1988.

Spence Smith - (HCS - 1965-72)   Was RAF Cadet Warrant Officer, Pilot in RAF and now Fokker 27 and A300 Airbus pilot in civilian life.

Mike Smith - Computer Consultant

Ken Spedding -(HCS 1946-52)  Freelance Marketing Consultant, living in Cookham, Berks.

Piers Spencer - teaches music at University of Exeter

Paul Starck - with MCS selling Information Technology systems to insurance brokers.

Martin Steward - Lecturer in Physiology, University of Manchester

Mark Stott - (HCS 1969-?) Urologist in Exeter.

Jacek Strauch (HCS 1965-72) - Professional Opera Singer in Graz, Austria.

Neil Stubbings - (HCS   -  )  Acting Assistant Director of Housing, London Borough of Hillingdon.

Richard David Sugar (HCS 1961-?) - Changed name to David Richard Spencer.  Runs a website dealing in property in Oxford.

Laurence Sugar (HCS 1968-75) Registered architect with a private practice in central London.

Ray Symons (HCS 1969-75)  Director of Billing & Customer Collection of COLT Telecommunications, a Public Telephone Operator.

Robert Tabb (HCS 1956-63)  Chemist, in plastics.

Malcolm Tash (HCS 1958-63) Quantity Surveyor.  Senior Partner Basil Cohen & Partners.

Selwyn Tash (HCS 1963-70) Solicitor, Selwyn Tash & Co.  Brother of above.

Paul Tavatgis (GHS 1980-85)  Development Manager, Cornucopia - Fundraising for the Future, Consulting and Human Resources, in Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia. 

Alan "Tass" Taylor - Head of Bank Relations at the Euro Banking Association in Paris

Gordon Taylor - (HCS 1967-74) Petroleum Geologist

James Taylor - (HCS 1962? - ?) Actor.  Younger brother of Paul.

Len Taylor - (HCS 1947-54)   Co-founder of Logica plc, an IT company once ranked in the top 50 of the FTSE 100, now merged with CMG to form LogicaCMG plc.

Malcolm Taylor - Lawyer, younger brother of Gordon Taylor

Paul Taylor - (HCS 1957-63)  Captain of the Second XV (Rugby).  Older brother of James.

Ron Taylor - (HCS 1953-60) Retired IT Director City of Burnaby, B.C. Canada and City Councillor, Mission, B.C.. Now specialises in British and Irish Genealogy Research (thanks to Harry Mees all those years ago). Lives Mission, B.C. Canada.

Roland Tebbenham (HCS 1959-66) Lives in Northampton.  Member of the British Cactus and Succulents Society.

Trevor Tew (HCS 1953-59) - Retired from British Airports Authority Airfield Operations Department.

Alan Thompson (HCS 1944-51) - Now retired.  Was a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, a Physics Lecturer at Chiswick Polytechnic, in Canada a Secondary school Principal, Maths teacher.

Jeremy Thorn (HCS 1961-68) - Mayor of the London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

E Thornton - Professor

John Thurley - (HCS 1960? - )  Employed by National Audit Office in London, specialised in IT. Has a family home in Lewes, Sussex but currently (2001) seconded to the Swedish National Audit Office and living in Accra, Ghana.

Dick Thwaites - (HCS 1957-65)   Now a senior Army officer.

Lawrence Tiger - Teaching German at Harrow School

Geoffrey Timms - Lawyer

Martin Tomsett - Lawyer in Southampton

Martin Townsend - (HCS -  )  Acting Editor of the Sunday Express.  Previously editor of OK!

John Tyler (HCS 1960-68) Director, UK Project & Export Finance, Alstom.

B. Q. Varley - Consulting Anaesthetist

Peter Victor - Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada

Joe Varsanyi (Vincent)

Nick (Varsanyi) Vincent - (HCS 1970- )  Brother of above.

Peter Vincent (Varsanyi) - (HCS 1966-  )  Network Design Engineer.  Brother of above.

Martin Walker - Journalist, Author, Historian

John Patrick Walsh, 'Pat' - Prefect, Pilot in R.A.F., killed 4th August 1940, aged 20.

Clifford Walters - Mayor of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

Michael Walters - (HCS 1958-65)  Optometrist in Edgware.

Mike Walton - (HCS 1950s) Deputy director of the charity Education Extra.

John Cameron Ward - (HCS 1930s)  Physical Chemist.

Peter Ward - (HCS 1958-63) Former Chief Producer BBC Education. Publications: For children: The Adventures of Charles Darwin CUP and Freedom of the Waves (Trilogy) Trafford USA 2012.  For adults: Trouble with Toads 2014 Trafford.

Paul Ware - (HCS 1965-72 )  Geophysicist.  Author (novel: "Tripping the Ballerina" just published [2001]).

Howard Weisbaum - (HCS 1965-72)  Runs a company selling hygiene and janitorial supplies in Hemel Hempstead.

Tim Wentford - (HCS 1971-76)  Software developer.

John Wheeler - (HCS 1968-76)  A Manager at Unisys.

Jeremy (Jerry) White - (HCS 1961-67)  Owner of Brendan Graphics of Ruislip, maker of Shimmer Signs.

Michael White (HCS 1949-56)   Sales manager for a chemical company.  Lives in Devon.

Graham Whitehouse - (HCS 1952-58)  Emeritus Professor of Diagnostic Radiology in the University of Liverpool.

Mark Wigmore - (HCS 1970-77) Chartered Civil Engineer and software writer

J. J. Wilkes - Professor, University College London - Roman Historian

Anthony Wilkey - (HCS 1969-?) Anaesthetist in Birmingham.  Son of Don Wilkey (Spanish Master).

E. J. Williams - (HCS 1930-36) First Old Gaytonian killed in the Second World War.   Drowned when his ship, Rawalpindi was hit by the Scharnhorst on 23rd November 1939.

Geoff Willson - (HCS 1957-64)  Senior Corporate Counsel for a biopharmaceutical company in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Chris Wilson - (HCS 1954-62) Electronics Engineer.  Works for Dowding and Mills Calibration and Electronics in Hitchin, having previously worked for Bradley Electronics in Neasden for 34 years.

David Wilson - (Gayton High 1980-84)  Senior Project Manager for Barclay's Bank.  Son of Chris Wilson, above.

John Wood - Designer, Artist, Performer and Author, staff - Goldsmith's College, London

Jonathan Woodcock - (HCS 1968-75) Lawyer.

Michael Woods - International Railway Consultant.

Richard Worsfold - A geologist with the British Antarctic Survey. Had a mountain named after him in Antarctica. Subsequently moved to Canada where he worked for most of his career. Now retired living in Ireland.

David Wynde - (HCS 1966-73)  A banker in Portland, Oregon.  In the US since 1982, after working in Sheffield and Rotherham.  Graduated from the University of Nottingham.

Tony Youdale (HCS 1949-53)  Retired Biochemist.  Worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada.

David Young (HCS 1958-62)  Independent public relations consultant.

Tony Young (HCS 1953-57) Governor of the BBC

David Zideman - Doctor, Consultant in Anaesthetics, Hammersmith Hospital, London

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