Harrow County School for Boys

Unidentified 26 - Form 5T 1973-74

(This photograph was scanned by Alex Bateman from the School Archives.  Identifications by David Lloyd-Jones and Steve Hilsden.  Do you recognise anyone?  Do you know when the photograph was taken?  If so, please e-mail Jeff Maynard)


Back row L- R:  Peter Mainprize, Dave (Lloyd-)Jones, Ian Garrod, Vernon 'Verni' Yates, Ian 'Nemesis' Thorne, Adrian 'Arlo' Guthrie, Neil 'Neil' Wentford.

Front row L-R:  Vashistha Amin, Mick Day, Mick Hopkins (dozing after lunchtime at The Castle?), Mr R.J. 'Dick' Tufnell, Steve R-r-r-r-r-rigby (as pronounced by Viv Edwards), Phil West, Alan 'Alice' Robson.


David Lloyd-Jones writes: "We were the misfits and failures retaking our O levels. 

"It's good to see Vernon Yates in this picture. Sadly, he died of heart failure in 1992. This discovery during the planning of our Class of '68 reunion a couple of years ago caused much sadness to those of us who knew him well. He had a terrible reputation at school and was often in trouble for his rebellious, provocative and disruptive behaviour. Unrecognised by those who knew him only by this reputation, he was also a sensitive, intelligent and literate young man, with a wide ranging love of music and a wicked, spontaneous sense of humour. Life was never dull when Verni was around. Rather the opposite. Like the time he emptied a tin of Evo-Stik onto the floor of S2 (the props room backstage) and set it alight. When he realised the burning glue was spreading dangerously across the wooden floor, he tried to stamp it out with his feet. The result was that the soles of his shoes became covered in burning glue which he was unable to extinguish. I took great pleasure in dousing his feet and the floor with a handy fire extinguisher once I'd stopped laughing at this 6ft 2in lunatic with his very long, deep-tawny marmalade hair, dancing around S2 with his shoes ablaze."


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