Harrow County School for Boys

Form V(3) - 1971 - (Photograph supplied by Dennis Orme)
The form master in the front centre is Mr. M. J. Hayes

Back L/R
  Keith Jones, Neil Gosling, Dennis Orme, Andy Moore, Martin Mills,
Robert Huson
Next back L/R  Chris James, Gerald Merrison, Gary Levy, Keith MacDonald,
Peter Horsman, Neil Hobbs, Ray Parnell
Next front L/R  Richard Katz, Duncan Peattie, Stephen Moore, Martin Kirke,
Paul Lilley, David Munday, Graham Knight, Howard Moss
Front L/R  Ian Lebeau, Mark Harrison, Gareth Hart, Mr. M.J. Hayes, Anthony
Horne, Martin Pollard, Christopher Meyer

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