Harrow County School for Boys

Form V(2) 1957

Photograph from Peter Arnold.  Identifications from Peter Arnold and David Golby.

Back Row Left to Right:  William Eatwell, Hayward, Salmon, Michael Dann, Richaed Watson, David Buckley, Keith Rawes, Peter Garwood, ?, Gardnier (?), David Golby, Gardiner

Middle Row Left to Right:  X, Douglas Elkins, Gold, David Ogilvie, Malcom Everson, Michael Courtness, Peter Arnold, ?, Crawford, Betts (?), Dennis Barker, Alan Willmott

Front Row Left to Right:  Chris Grubb, Alan Hearn, Andrews (?), ?, Roland King, William Baker (Mike Axford?), Rawnsley, Cresswell, Bremner, Jo Walys, Jackson, Geoffrey Begley, Roger Booth. 

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