Harrow County School for Boys

Form V(1) - 1962 - Photograph from Martin Pole, scanned by Rod Clarke.  Identifications by  Martin Pole.

The Form Master in the front centre is Mr. Don Kincaid.

Those entering the fifth form for a second year are marked with (2).

Back row (left to right): Doug Blackburn (2), Alan Terry (2), Suckling, Hugh Griffiths (2), Roberts, Corfe, Geoff Twigg, Malcolm Pyne (2), Dave Yarroll (2), Gamage (2).

Middle Row (left to right): Tadman (?), Grogan, Le Blond, Scott, Paul Holland (2), Fribbens, Mike Parrott (2), Dave Watson (2), Hawkins (2), Varley, Birchall.

Front row (left to right): Trevor Farrand (2), X, Plume, Godwin, Martin Pole (2), Mr Don Kincaid, Knapp, Townsend (2), Pocock (2), Jack Newton (2), Gorwyn.

Very sadly, Trevor Farrand died of leukaemia in the late sixties.

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