Harrow County School for Boys

Form 4T 1973

This photograph from the School archives was sent in by Alex Bateman.  


(Back Row) Paul Maton, Peter Luckcuck, Clinton Matthews-Stroud, Hugh Chappell, Roger Evans, David Morgan, David Brownlee

 (Third Row) Kevan Baulch, Philip Smith, Bruce Newbigging, Michael Berlin, Paul Chappell, Paul Bonner, Andrew Peterson, Henryk Wawrzonek

 (Second Row) Stephen Moore, Barry Feldman, David Ella, Carl Jackson, Neil Griggs, Michael Baron, Callum Kerr, Trevor Healey

 (Front Row) Raymond Barry, Andrew Shirley, Nicholas Ratcliff, Mr Clement Tegg, Nicholas Burfitt, Russell Newmark, Howard Rogers


Absent from the photograph:  Tom Dennington.
 Mr. Tegg taught Maths and then returned to Leicester.

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