Harrow County School for Boys

Form 4B 1963

Form Master Mr Beauchamp

Identifications from Frank Berry, Edward Kerr and Howard Friend:

Back Row (left to right): Les Smith, Jacobs, ?, David Jay, Graham Young, Frank Berry, ?, Brian Millar, ?, John Purse (?), Edward Lucas, Jetton(?) -(the lad who famously played hookie for half a term), Andy Wiggett

Middle row: Alan Toms, Yeo, Malcolm Booth, Martynoga (can't remember first name, but universally known as "Yogi"), ?, ?, Len Webb, Bill Davies,  Head (Richard ??), ?, Dave Schiff, R. Harris, Robin Baron, Graham King

Front Row:  Elkan, Jenkins, Anthony Martyn? or Sadler?, White, ?, Mr. "Butch" Beauchamp, Keith Gatford, John Thurley, Chris Elvin, Thomas, Rob Luetchford

Edward Kerr remembers the following, who were in that year but do not appear on the 4A, 4C or 4D photo captions:

Webb (Matthew ??)
Chris Box
Wood (first name not recalled)
Tim Bloomer (passed away mid-1990s)
Brazier (first name not recalled)
Rose (Malcolm ??)

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