Harrow County School for Boys

Form 4A - 1960 - (Photograph supplied by Geoff May)

The form master in the front centre is Mr. Bernard Marchant

Back Row (L-R): Gilbert, Rose, Colin Wilson, Simpson, Pearse, Randall, Brown, Downing, French, Sykes, Bowley, Kraty, Hill

Middle Row: Taylor D, Paul Wiggett, Collis, Geoff May, Bates, Morris, Butcher, Irwin, Boyce, Routh, Jolly, Thick, Murphy

Front Row: Balls (he later changed his name by deed poll to Ball), Shawyer, Scurfield, Taylor P, Berg, Mr Marchant, Sherlock, Casebourne, Levene, Finch, Lewis, Davies


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