Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3D - 1959 (Photo from Mike Harrison, who writes:

(The boys in the photographs have been identified by Peter Victor, who is now Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada, and by Mike Harrison, Howard Levene and Martin Pole)

Back Row (L-R):     X, Hugh Griffiths, Tony Sturgeon (Later expelled for calling a physics master (Bodiam) a "bastard" in front of the class.  He was hauled out and never seen again, how times have changed),  Graham Anderson, Dave Yarell, Howard Levene, Crowe, Alan Terry, Trevor Farrand, Harry Levine

Second row: Mick Bowker, Dave Butcher, Dave J. Watson (Wembley), Colin Levy, Mike Harrison, Lang, ? Bates, Martin May, X, Godwin,  Paddy McMahon

Front row:    Colbert, Mike Unstead-Joss, Dave Morrish, Peter Victor, Pete Nicholls, Ben Williams (Baby Face - taught Physics) Andrew Jackson, David Holmes , Kevin Spears, Tony Arkey, David Cornish

Martin Pole writes that High Griffiths, Tony Sturgeon, Graham Anderson and Howard Levene all went to his primary school, Kenmore Park.  He also writes that he thinks that he saw Dave Butcher over twenty years ago playing keyboard with the Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen jazz funk band of the early eighties at the Half Moon in Putney.   (Damon Butcher played keyboard with Dick Morrissey in the early 1980s.  Is this Dave Butcher?  Jeff - ed.)

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