Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3A 1958.  The Form Master is Mr. Don Wilkey.  This Photograph was contributed by Bob Lucas.  Identifications by Bob Lucas and Brian Slater.

Back Row (L-R):   David F Morrison,  Barry C Ingall,  P. D. M. John,  Geoff H Weedon,  Alexander (Sandy) G McLachlan,  Peter Fowler,  Jiggens,  Laurence A Geller,  Tom A Backer,  John R Wicks,  X,  David M Griffiths

Middle Row: Andrew T Kasriel,  R Hart,  Anthony S Eldridge,  Ray J Prytherch,  Robert M Tabb,  Peter R Burden,  Ben Lenthal,  Jeff C W Osborn,  X,  Mick J Pringle,  Barry Shane,  Eddie G Webb

Front Row: Clive R Newton,  Martin McCausland,  Colin Grossmith,  Robert C Lucas,  Mick G Harrison,  Robert W May,  Mr. Don Wilkey,  Roger J.  Mercer,  Tom W Lake,  David Combie,  Laurence C Samuels,  RichardsH Meads


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