Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3A - 1965 - Photograph supplied by Malcolm Tash.  Identifications by Alan (Tass) Taylor and Stephen Frost.

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Back Row (L-R):  Selwyn Tash, Robert Wallace, Colin Dickins, Michael (Boris) Robinson, Philip Lloyd, Gary Vergine, Richard Salter, Stephen King, Alan Taylor (dreadful photo of me), Kim Rew (of "Walking on Sunshine" fame), Peter Hall, Stephen (Tank) Frost

Middle row:  Philip Barnett, Geoff Egan, Mike Russell, Alan Bennington, Phil Blatcher, David Carrick (died shortly after this photo), Stephen Leary, Michael Woods, Leslie Peppiatt, Michael Crabbe, Stephen Games, David Reast

Front Row:  David (Pass) Passingham, Alan Kershaw, David Crump, Richard Crouch, Colin Michaels (He of Blues Apex and now of Cadillac Blues Band, with Kim Rew), Paul Roberts, Mr J F (photosynthesis) Bunting, Bob Mason, Alan Munns, Barry Lightman, John O'Shea, Richard Blazek

                                 Notes:  (1)    David Carrick died in August 1966 from chronic asthma


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