Harrow County School for Boys

Form 2C - 1958 (Photo from Mike Harrison, who writes:  The form teacher is Mr Clarkson and to his immediate right is Tim Rutter who is mentioned elsewhere in the website (1963-64 Rugby).  Tim went on to play for Harlequins.  I bumped into him some years later on the tube when I think he was studying to be a doctor.)

Back row: John Denton, Doug Blackburn, Newton, Paul Holland, Paul Taylor, Keith Feilding, Paul Simons, Chris Snell, Gamage, x, Francis

Second row: Dave Morrish, Fred (Dave) Morgan, Richard (Dick) Thwaites, Roger Swinburn, John May, Townsend, John Lane, Simmonds, Nichols(?), Phillips, Read, Williams

Front row: Kilvington, Dave Watson, Kevin Spears, Tim Rutter, Mr. Clarkson, Mike Unstead-Joss, Dave Barnett, x, Plant

(Identifications by Dick Thwaites and Peter Victor)

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