Harrow County School for Boys

Form 2A 1965

This photograph was sent in by John Brown.  Identifications by John Brown, Chris Hoad, Graeme Rocker and Stephen Frost.

Back Row (L-R):  David Byrne, Roger French, Michael Harris, Nigel Sheinwald, Richard Caplan, Tony Todd, Michael Horan, Francis Matthews, John Logan, Jeffery Faulkner, John Tickner, Anthony Goldstein.

Middle Row:  Chris Hoad, Graeme Rocker, Phillip Smith, Christopher Newbiggin, John Lacey, Matthew de Lange Richard Cowie, ??, Peter Williams, Michael Portillo, Clive Anderson, John Watson, Barry Jones.

Front Row:  ??, Barry Devine, Bruce Boyd, John Brown, Michael Edwards, Mr M.E. (Boggy) Marsh, Malcolm Ward, Gary Findon, ??, Graham Rabin, Michael Ayres.

Sadly, both of the boys sitting to the right (as you look at it) of 'Boggy' Marsh died before they ended their schooldays - Malcolm Ward had a heart condition and died from an infection in late 1970 or early 1971, if memory serves. Gary Findon died a year or two earlier.

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