Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1D - 1960 - (Photograph supplied by Norman Gilliland.  Identifications from Graham Cutts, Edward Kerr and Peter Pinfield.)

Back Row:  Levin, Windward, Dave Schiff,  Norman Gilliland, Barton, Graham Cutts, Allen Grey, Richard Layzell, Roger Sharpe, Peter Rabin, Proops, Varsanyi, Mark Wiggett

Middle Row:  Chernett, Saunders, Len Webb, David Doole, 'Yogi' Martynoga, Goodall , Sewell-Rutter, Ian Haines, Graham Guildford, Adrian Knight, Malcolm Rix, Johnstone

Front Row:  Miller, Peter Pinfield, Chris Brazier, Les? Smith, Malcolm Lewendon, Mr Cox, John Stannard, Burge, Malcolm Booth, Heaps, Rob Clarke

Edward Kerr writes:

bulletAllen Grey is now living in Rutland
bulletAdrian Knight had a couple of younger brothers at HCS.  Their father, sadly, died in a mountaineering accident whilst they were at HCS
bulletMalcolm Lewendon joined the RAF and flew Hercules Transport Aircraft for Her Majesty.  He later joined Cathay Pacific as a 747 "driver", before retiring in c. 2005.  I believe that he might now be living in the South of France.  His father was also an Old Gaytonian (1920s vintage, I believe).  Whilst flying for Cathay Pacific, his 747 was one of the very few flights airborne on "Millenium Night" (i.e. 31 DEC 99 / 01 JAN 00).  He was Captain of a Hong Kong - Vancouver flight, which stopped at a couple of points en route.  In doing this, he flew across the International Date Line three times (forward, back and then forward again).  In the course of this, he sent a message to his control "Have flown into 2000  -  didn't like it, so have flown back to 1999".
bulletJohn Stannard sadly died in c. 1969 as the result of an accident at work.  I attended his funeral at the church in Uxbridge at which he had previously been a choirboy.  I think that he was still only 19 years old at the time.
bulletMalcolm Booth was last heard of living in the Bristol area.
bulletGraham Cutts has been living in New Zealand since c. 1970.

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