Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1D - 1956 - Photograph supplied by Esmond Sanders. Identifications by Esmond Sanders, Bob Lucas, Brian Slater and Alan Vickers.

Back Row:  Roy Bartholomew, Richard Boyd, Graeme Wilson, Stephen? New, Graeme Hart, Fearnley, Esmond Sanders, Woollven*, Ian Hall, Sandy G. McClachlan,  David Combie 

Middle Row:  Robert C. Lucas, Peter Fowler, Carter, Cork, Lawrence Solomons, David Lay, Terry Wagstaff, Stan Rogowski, P. T. West, Jim R. Box, Brian G. Slater

Front RowMartin A. Shepley, Anthony (Tony) Kendall, Colin Bayley, Rogers, Clive R. Newton, Mr Don Kincaid, Martin  McCausland, Richard Atwooll, Ian Green, Alan Vickers, Martin Scott

*Moved away from Harrow at end of first year

Richard Boyd writes:  I remember being the attendance monitor during one term, and the roll call started: Alan, Atkins, Attwooll, Bailey, Bartholomew, Box, Boyd, Fearnley, Fowler, Green, Hall, Hart .. and then my memory gives out.

Fowler was a minor star as his dad was the station master at Harrow and Wealdstone station, I think. Attwooll was easily remembered because he always had to spell his name "Ay- double tee- double you- double ooh- double ell". Whilst Ian Green suffered from the epithet of IG, as a result of his initials being on a book and causing much merriment from the form master.


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