Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1C 1953  (This has turned out to be mislabelled!  It is actually Form 3D 1955)
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This photograph was found in the School archives by Alex Bateman.  Some identifications have been made by Richard Buckley, Jeremy Hymers, David Stokes and Ron Taylor.  Can anyone identify the others?

Back Row:  Down, Hearn, Bremner, Simmon(d)s, Begley, McCauseland, Arnold, Williams, Tranter, Stirling, Pagerson

Middle Row:  Wilmott, Marlow, Nicholl, Elkins, X, X, X, Brian Hummerstone, Jensen, Trevor Tew

Front Row:  Simmons, Dawn, David Buckley, Gardner, X, Mr. Beer, X, Young, Crawdorn, Richard (Haystack) Hayward, X


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