Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1B 1956

This photograph, from the School archives, was sent in by Alex Bateman.  Help with names by Brian Slater.

(Back Row) Jiggens, Ray, J. Prytherch, Jeff Booth, Eddie G. Webb, Andrews, Chris T. Stott, Robert M. Tabb, Stevens, Barry Shane, Mick G. Harrison, Geoffrey Viner, Poulton

(Middle Row) Coppinger, Paul Thorne, Neville, Britt, M. B. Silverman, Jenkins, R. C. George, Peter Sugden, Barry C. Ingall, Francis J. Pugh, Horn, King, Tony Read

(Front Row) Colin Grossmith, Anthony S. Eldridge, Laurence A. Geller, K. Alldridge, Eade, Mr Eagers, Pearce, John Knott, Godleman, Hulford, Isherwood


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