Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1B 1954 - Form Master Mr. Turnbull

This photograph was supplied by Tony "Slim" Sheward and scanned by Bob Smith.

Class of 1954 - Golden Jubilee Reunion

To celebrate 50 years since starting at HCS, a reunion of the Class of 1954
is to be held on the afternoon of 4th September 04 at the School.  Click for details.


Back Row: Clapinson, Rattenbury, Backhouse, Sorkin, John Rutter, Fowler, Newton, Seddon, Adams, Bruce Headland, Lee

Centre Row:Bob Theis, Richards, Lovett, Took, Dyson, Chris Spittle, Barnett, Godson, Tony ‘Slim’ Sheward, Hay, Sutherland, Price

Front Row: Saunders, Edler, Hole, Charlie Stone, Suckling, Eller, Press, Paul Latham, Jones, Hayward

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