Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1A 1952
The form master is Mr. "Two Rulers" King, who taught French.
Photograph sent in by John Loader.  Names identified by Norman Biggs.

Back Row (L-R): Morey, Waddington, Ware, Turner, Clark, Barber, Budd, Geary, Ottewill, Peachey.

Middle Row:  Jones(?), Procter, X, Ian Hendry, Jones(?), Driver, Dick Ponter, Hoskins, Ellis, Phil Prior, Wills, John Loader, X, Kirkland, Plant.

Front Row:  X, Norman Biggs, X, X, Knight, Master - DJ King, Swales, Parker, X, Abbott, Frankham.

John Loader writes:  "Mr King was my Master in Form 1A and 2A.  He WAS the '2 rulers King' that Martin Cutter told us about...  he used to start the class by asking the boys to give him - in French - "Two ruler's, please".  I have had to give him one of mine, many times.  Then if someone forgot their French verb, 'CRASH' and your desk will echo round the room. What a laugh. He was a nice man.  I would like to find him if he is still around.  He was about late 30's or early 40's that year? When you were 11 years old, everyone else was ancient!

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