Harrow County School for Boys

Form 1A - 1963 - (Photograph supplied by Philip Barnett.  Identifications from Philip Barnett, Stephen Frost, Geoff Egan and Richard Salter)
The form master in the front centre is Mr. (Farmer) Giles

Back Row (L-R):  Stephen Hanlon, Peter Hall, Keith Bell, Robert Wallace, Gareth Jenkins, Stephen King, Gary Vergine, Jonathan Webb, Michael Woods, Michael Russell, Leslie Peppiatt

Middle Row:  David Passingham, Andrew Tissier, Michael Robinson, Alan Taylor, Philip Lloyd, Richard Salter, Colin Michaels, John Smith, Stephen Frost, David Reast, Alan Bennington

Front Row:  Christopher (Kipper) Paine, Geoffrey Egan, Ralph Mayer, Stephen Leary, Mr. Giles, Keith Thomasson, Philip Barnett, Alistair Guthrie, Alan Kershaw

Notes from Stephen Frost and Geoff Egan:

                                                  (1)    Keith Bell was repeating his first year

(2)       Andrew Tissier left during the year

(3)       Jonathan Webb left during the year for Bath

(4)       Cameron Sinclair arrived from New Zealand

(5)       Donald Murdie arrived from Dundee

(6)       Kimberley Rew arrived from Bristol

(7)       Brett Ainsley arrived during the year

(8)    John Roe is absent.

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