Harrow County School for Boys

Cricket - 1st XI 1960

This photograph came from the School Archives via Alex Bateman.  Identifications from Peter Ward

Back Row (L-R):  Brian 'Ted' Latham, Jack Taylor, John Routh, Geoff Routh, Chris Pollard, Al Fine

Front Row:  Mr Gethin Williams, Arnie Hyde, Bruce Langrick, Peter Garwood (capt), Peter Ward, Ray 'Fred' Sewell, Mr Alec 'Swanny' Amos

Peter Ward writes:  "Garwood and Langrick were a deadly pair of batting (Garwood) and bowling (Langrick) excellence. Easily the best players I had the privilege to be in the same team with.  I have no idea why Swanny turned up for this pic. He was Head of PE but never showed any interest in cricket. He retired a day or so later so that probably explains it.  Swanny and George Thorn both left that Summer, to everyone's relief. Especially backsides, or whatever was in striking distance. We lived in absolute terror of both.  Compared to them Simpson was a pussy cat!"


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