Harrow County School for Boys

Aerial View of the school, 1970

David Lloyd-Jones writes: "Here's a picture from the back cover of the the Gaytonian Diamond Jubilee Supplement published in late 1970. It was taken a few months earlier from a Royal Navy helicopter as it departed following a visit to the school. Earlier it had landed on the school field, though I can't remember if it avoided the cricket square. I am in the picture somewhere. I watched the helicopter take off from the outer quad. It would be interesting to compare this with a similar picture taken today. There would be so many differences. Probably the first major change that occurred after this picture was taken was the construction of Northwick Park roundabout, which required the construction of the second bridge over the railway and the widening of Kenton Road. This resulted in the loss of a thin strip of the southern edge of the school field and most of the trees at the bottom of the picture. Other major features visible that have since disappeared include the entire field, the CCF Hut, the toilets adjoining the New Entrance, the dining "shed"  and kitchen, the Pavillion, the flagpole and the gun. Sheepcote Road (on the left) has been widened, been a one way street in both directions, but has now reverted to two way traffic. At the top left of the picture, outside the Main Entrance, the junction of Sheepcote Road and Gayton Road forms a simple crossroads with traffic lights, but will soon undergo the first of several transformations over the next 25 years, designed to speed the ever-increasing traffic or to further frustrate and anger the drivers, depending on your point of view!

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