Harrow County School for Boys

Scoutmaster Mr. Harry Mees with Advanced Sixth Arts 1960-61

(This photograph was scanned by Alex Bateman from the School Archives.  Identifications by Jerry Dicker, Pete Fowler, Bob Garratt, Peter Gold and Paul Romney.  Do you recognise anyone?  If so, please e-mail Jeff Maynard)

Back Row (L-R): Trevor Lailey, Philip Cook, Martin Curtis (guitarist), Nicholas de Lange, Trease, Haywood (CCF radio ham), Bob Garrett

Middle Row: John Weeks, Geoff Creamer, David Belcher, George Oakenfold, Joe Marshall, Mike Lynch (clarinetist), Jerry Dicker, Gordon Heddiger

Front Row:  X, Charles Bailey, Duncan Macaree, Mr. Harry Mees, Peter Gold, Hyam Harris, Norman Cowling

Pete Fowler writes:  "Note the 'Buddy Holly' glasses worn by Trevor Lailey - he and Martin Curtis (next but one to him in the picture) were Buddy Holly fanatics and always wore black ties to commemorate the day the music died (3 February 1959)....Lailey ended up running the UK Buddy Holly Appreciation Society;  Curtis, as we know elsewhere on the site, became a legendary folk singer in New Zealand, the fabled 'bush poet'.

"George Oakenfold - and no one has been able to track him down - was a legendary HCS 'Beat' figure, head full of Kerouac and Jazz Clubs."

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