Harrow County School for Boys


CIRCA 1943/44

Bernard Wood and Brian Hester have identified some names - can anyone help with the rest?

Back row 3rd from left - Bernard Wood

Back row, left to right X, Y. In front of Y is Capper.

Standing with backs to the wall at the left, X, X, X, Alan Oates.

Front row on chairs (not the 7 on low swats): ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mr Attridge, Mr Robinson, Mr R S King, Mr Duke, Randall Williams, Mr Brister, ?, Mr Fox, Warrant Officer (not a master but father of one of the cadets, ), ?, Daniels (with glasses - BH) (Sgt I think BW).

X is standing behind Attridge. To the left and behind X is Ian Charlton and to the right is J. B. Rose.

Behind Duke is John Dibben, then to the right, Keith Hayward, X, X, John Thornton (behind Fooks), Tony Streeter/, John Daymond, Ken Baylis.  David Bishop is standing behind Thornton.

Seated on the ground in the front row from left to right, X, X, Neville Crampton, Alan May, X, Roxberry, X.


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