Harrow County School for Boys

Pictures of the 4th Harrow (Harrow County Scouts on the school field, September 1964).  Screenshots from film shot by Philip Levi, captions by Edward Kerr.

Abseiling  -  4th Harrow style.  

Tim Bloomer on the rope.  Tom Backer (?) (white shirt), Mike Russell (?) (no shirt), Stuart Ingram (glasses, looking to his right), John Stannard, followed by two other unidentified boys.  Not sure of the identity of the leader without shirt (is it a young Roger Annan ?).  By present (2008) standards, there are just a few safety issues, such as:
(a).     Abseiling rope is attached by means of bowline around torso  -  places total reliance on the quality of the bowline
(b).     No independent safety rope
(c).     Is the roof strong enough to support seven people standing in one small area ?
(d).     Are the coping stones strong enough to support the abseiling and several people leaning on them ?
(e).     No-one is wearing climbing helmets
(f).     Is the small piece of sacking sufficient to avoid abrasion of the rope
(g).     Is the rope suitable.  It would have been hemp rope, not the current "core and sheethed" climbing rope (which is much stronger)
(h).     Are the seven Leaders / spectators properly protected from the risk of falling from the roof
          etc., etc., etc.
It is amazing to realise that we managed to survive without all these safety features !!
Also, a rather poignant picture, as John Stannard and Tim Bloomer both, sadly, died young

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